Columbia Presbyterian Church has a long and involved history in the town of Columbia, MS. Through World Wars, racial tensions, and economic downturns, we have desired to remain faithful to God’s Word. By Him and to Him alone we give glory for the good things He has done! According to His steadfast love we continue to be present in this town and draw closer to Him each day. As you will see our history is long, but God’s faithfulness has always been with us.
     On April 24th 1910, a commission was formed to establish a church in the heart of Columbia. Three years later on April 16th 1913 the church was officially recognized by the Mississippi Presbytery and entered on its roles as an established church. The following two years saw the building of the first place of worship located on the SE corner of Church St and Oak Ave with its completion in 1915.
     The church remained active and had many faithful members and some notable ones as well. One family’s son (Hugh L. White) went on to serve two terms as mayor of Columbia and two terms as Governor of Mississippi. Through times of World War and times of peace, Columbia Presbyterian continued to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their community. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s the church strove to seek peace and reach out to individuals regardless of racial background. The church partnered with other churches, as well as city officials, to encourage racial reconciliation. This involvement was pivotal in maintaining peace in the town throughout these tumultuous times of our nation.
     Due to the age of the building and the need for space, a new place of worship was planned and built in the same location. This was accomplished in stages. On February 20th 1955 the Educational Building was opened and services were held in the fellowship hall. Three years later on April 6th 1958 the first service was held in what is now the current sanctuary! The large doors, stained glass window, and wooden interior remind us of our connection to the past as we look with hope to the future.
     On April 24th, 2010 Columbia Presbyterian celebrated its 100th anniversary marking a century of service, ministry, missions, compassion, and Gospel focused living. Today, by the grace of God, we still continue seeking to reach our neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Columbia Presbyterian is a church rooted in history, still standing on the ground first broken for the Gospel, a light for hope and peace, and a church, “Where Faith Lives”!