Come to Sunday school!


Why do we encourage your involvement in Sunday school? For several reasons. First, is the reality that a disciple is a lifelong learner. We are to always strive to learn more and more of Who God is and what He requires of us. Here at Columbia Presbyterian, our church’s motto is “Where Faith Lives.” What better way to put this truth into practice than by growing in your knowledge of God and His Word with others in focused study.


Second, the education of believers is very important to the life and health of the church. God created all people with the ability to reason and to learn. These capabilities are primarily for us to grow in our knowledge and love of God. Since the time of the Apostles the idea of teaching and learning on the Lord’s Day has been a part of the Church. In fact the Great Commission states explicitly “teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.”


It is for these reasons that the vision of the Sunday school is to facilitate the making of mature disciples by providing Biblical study, character growth, and practical teaching for each person’s Christian walk. Our Sunday school classes are an important part of a community to aid in each persons’ spiritual growth. 

In Sunday school you will learn:
  • Content: What God’s Word says. Learn from in-depth lessons, presentations, and discussions with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Fellowship: Gather together with fellow learners who desire to make God known in their life.
  • Application: How to use this knowledge to help you make decisions and choices for your own life that are consistent with biblical doctrines and values.