Columbia Presbyterian is a church where we love to worship.
Not just on Sundays, but every day of the week.
Come worship the Lord with us!
   SUN 11AM | WED 6PM   


Columbia Presbyterian is a church where we love to study the Word of God and how it applies to life. We believe that God’s will, plan, and purpose are revealed in His Word.
SUN 9:45AM  




The Bible encourages us to continue in fellowship with other believers. There is a reason for that! It builds us up as we face the hardships of life, keeps us accountable, and unplugs us from our secluded self-centered lives. By gathering together in worship we are being strengthened to reach out and serve our community for God’s glory.




Because of God’s great love for us we are givers at heart and strive to model that in our lives. We invite our members to give of their resources, time, and abilities to love God, love His church, love each other, and love their neighbors.




Just as children grow and mature, we as Christians should be growing in our spiritual lives whether we were raised in church or are brand new believers. At Columbia Presbyterian we seek to become more and more like Christ by learning about Him in His Word, drawing near to Him through prayer, and in serving each other.